We're Toflers

We build bridges between companies and customers

To build software that gives customer-facing teams at small and medium sized business the ability to create fruitful and enduring relationships with customers.


Toflers Story

Founded in 2013

Toflers was established in 2013 by a team of passionate individuals. From the beginning, our focus has been on providing exceptional services and delivering customized solutions for our clients. Our journey started with a vision to actively participate in all stages of the product life cycle.

In order to gain expertise and knowledge, we sought guidance from industry leaders and sought inspiration from successful companies. We leveraged insights from thought leaders, collaborating with organizations such as [mention relevant companies/organizations]. This invaluable experience propelled us to new heights, enabling us to create successful solutions for ourselves and our clients.

Today, Toflers is a thriving organization with two core areas of focus – services and products. These two pillars are intricately linked and mutually reinforce each other. Our commitment to excellence remains constant, regardless of the nature of the project we undertake. We bring the same dedication, approaches, and tools to all our endeavors, continually building knowledge, sharing expertise, and refining our craft with every new challenge.

What's Next?

"Building upon our expertise and industry knowledge, Toflers is poised for an exciting future. Our journey in serving clients and developing innovative solutions has paved the way for the growth of Toflers' own products. Starting as internal tools, our products have now evolved into successful commercial offerings, each with tremendous potential."

"Looking ahead, our vision is to transform Toflers into a thriving multi-billion-dollar enterprise by leveraging our strengths in developing impactful products. We remain committed to our core competency - creating meaningful solutions that make a difference."

Our Mission

Influence the way companies are managed through the proven approaches and the products we build.

Expand Toflers formula to the industry with leverage of reputation and market visibility.

Our Mission

Our Core Values

We’re enthusiastic learners and seasoned inventors. Together,
we can create solutions that serve not just technology but the humans behind it.


Ensure impactful Toflers

An unwavering commitment to drive maximum customer satisfaction, infused with integrity and passion.


Focus on self-development

Training and mentorship programs, interactive sessions and community meetups to drive personal growth.


Integrate work-life balance

Latest infrastructure and flexible working hours along with many other privileges that inculcate healthy lifestyle choices.

Toflers corporate values

From the early days, we treated the development culture as the foundation of our business. Over the years, we've created a formula that includes such key aspects

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  • Quality

    We value quality over quantity, and these are no buzzwords for us. We spend the necessary amount of time on a task and ensure we‘ve found the best possible solution for it.

  • Unlimited Growth

    You are free to grow in any competency you feel like to make your job better. We don’t limit but encourage you to do so.

  • Ownership

    There are no unimportant tasks at Toflers. We understand the end value of each project, clearly divide roles and responsibilities, and take full ownership for it.

  • Transparency

    Open feedback, desire to find common grounds, understanding of what we do and why - are the foundation for the transparent relationships with our teammates and clients.

  • Respect and empathy

    We are a multinational and multicultural community spread over 15 different countries. Empathy and Respect help us socialize and build strong interpersonal connections within the team.

  • Master our craft

    We build our mastery in all we do, implement it in tailored and highly effective solutions, and then share our insights with the community.


problem-solving approach

People tend to describe their needs through solutions without understanding the real motivation behind it. Solution means nothing if it doesn’t solve a problem or delivers a real benefit. BRIDGeS Framework gives a possibility to reach the roots of the problem ‒ first of all define the cause/reasons/motivations and only after ‒ come up with the solution.

There are lots of concepts on the market to use for product discovery, decision making and solution development. However, most of those frameworks are usually focused on a single type of subject like a user, a company or a product. BRIDGeS is a solid approach for multiple types of subjects: a product idea, a strategic or tactical decision, company operations, etc.